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    The supernatural content of my artwork springs forth from inter-dimensional realities to visually expose the emerging transfiguration, which is occurring within the spiritually evolving species. Read More
  • Living Light Language

    ‘Living Light Language’ reveals a mysterious metaphysical process by which the human being is illuminated in consciousness development. Describing how the ‘unseen world’ of ‘Spirit’ is comprehended by those of us in the 3rd dimensional plane of material existence through the medium of ‘Love an Light’ is illuminated upon.” Read More
  • The Reconnection

    Excerpt from “Living Light Language” Chapter 6 ‘Galactic Art’ Energy healing modalities have been influenced greatly by the influx of newer and newer energies through the shifting of the equinoxes in Earths planetary travel around the solar system as we approach the 2012 Galactic Alignment. Read More
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