Artist Statement                                                                           



The supernatural content of my artwork springs forth from inter-dimensional realities to visually expose the emerging transfiguration, which is occurring within the spiritually evolving species.



As a neo-landscapist, re-visioning as we enter this  ‘Golden Age’ of wonder, it is my prerogative to engender within the artwork a dynamism that exudes harmony, beauty, love and whimsy. Through an organic and geometric fusion, a glyph like relic appears. Pregnant with the future and descended from the ancient past, these timeless and universal characters bring to the light of day their healing and transformative message, conveyed through a mythic language of form.



             With infinite Love and gratitude,

                                                                   Bala Deva Das


Fine Arts Resume




1988-90; Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate

                Oregon Art Institute (sculpt/painting major)

1990-91; Portland State University mentorship

                with professor James Hansen, bronze sculptor.

1992-2001; Vedic cultural arts studies ISKCON

                    U.S.A, France, Italy, India, Canada.




2008- ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ artist collective. Madrid, NM.

2007- ‘Nudo Bros.’ two person show, Paul Olsen Gallery.

 Madrid, NM.

2007- ‘Abstract figurative’ group invitational. Sumner & Dene Gallery. Albq. NM.

2005-06: Selected artists. B. Boeltz Gallery, Denver, Co.

2005- ‘Eleven’ group invitational. Yale Art Center. Albq. NM.

2004- ‘Future Relics’ One person sculpture show. O’Neil’s Uptown. Albq. NM.

2003- ‘Transfigurations’ group invitational. Harwood Art Center. Albq. NM.

2002- ‘Monotypes’ group invitational. Stables Art Gallery. Taos, NM.

2002- Selected artists. Stainless Steel wall pieces. William Hawley Design. Taos, NM.

1991- ‘Quetzacoatle’ three person show. Emergence Gallery. Portland, OR.


Related work experience:

Commissioned; painted wood relief forms. Decorating exterior of ‘Francesca’s’ woman’s apparel. Arroyo Seco, NM. 2002

Commissioned steel fabrication 11 pieces for William Hawley Design. Taos, NM. 2002

Commissioned wood carving for Vedic alter in Kamaloops,Canada, BC. 2000

‘Nudo’ Collaborative collage with James Hyde, New Mexico series of 6 pieces.

480-Union painting department for Hollywood movies shot at Albuquerque Studios, NM. 2006-07.