Welcome Galactic Voyager!


  On this site you are presented with a ‘threefold’ synergistic approach to personal activation for quantum evolutionary development!


You may view the gallery of ‘Galactic Glyphs‘ which are channeled images that unlock an ancient/future memory. These images are all one of a kind and can be created as a personalized psychic ‘glyph’ for you, following a conversation we may have in person or via a phone call.

 My book, ‘Living Light Language‘ will help you to understand the physics involved in just how we humans are able to receive and translate such abstract symbols into an inner knowing and give you practical experience of such integration.

 And thirdly, as a certified practitioner of  ‘Reconnective Healing‘ i would like to share with you the most recent energies of Love/Light transmission coming through our Galactic Source at this time. Either long distance or in person.

 As a package, this is a Self Empowering jump start into participating as a member of ‘Galactic’ humanity.

 Although each item is available individually, there is a synergistic effect to having a personalized ‘Glyph’ created for you along with your own ability to actualize this information through reading, ‘Living Light Language’ and having a ‘Reconnective’ session.

 As a package, this is a special $108. offer for visitors to this website!