Excerpt from “Living Light Language”  Chapter 6  


 Energy healing modalities have been influenced greatly by the influx of newer and newer energies through the shifting of the equinoxes in Earths planetary travel around the solar system as we approach the 2012 Galactic Alignment and beyond. These accelerated and higher dimensional energies  are allowing for ‘miracle healings’ to occur. As our beloved Jesus the ‘Christ’ has said; “Greater works than I shall you do.”

Although there are thousands of energy healing modalities on the planet currently that access different levels of healing frequency there has been a quantum leap since Doctor Eric Pearl has begun demonstrating the ‘Reconnective Healing’ practice which is revolutionizing the way we think about the process as a practitioner. This has all been elaborated upon beautifully in his book, ‘The Reconnection’. 

It has become apparent that a new bandwidth of frequencies carrying ‘Light and information’ are accessible now which are truly higher dimensional as scientific data is confirming. As a practitioner of this ‘gift’ from ‘Source’ we can only be in awe of such a phenomenon. With minimal training, anyone interested can be exposed to these ‘reconnective’ healing energies and thereby activate others on a quantum level of restored health and radiant life force. A renewel of life-force energy sweeps through the energy field of the individual  balancing and  harmonizing the physical, mental and etheric/subtle bodies in alignment with ‘Source/Love’ energy.

Practitioners are trained to remove any self interest ego in ‘result oriented’ healing and simply witness, as a catalyst, to the clients own personal ‘reconnective’ experience with this Divine Source energy. Whatever is in the highest interest of the individual client as dictated by ‘Source’ energy will be the outcome.

The future of healing is here and will continue to evolve as we remove all fear based approaches to the work and allow our masterful selves to step forward with utter faith in our divine ‘connection’ with God/Love/Source.

As Galactic humans our body, mind, spirit alignment is essential in our continued evolutionary course. The miracle of transformation which is occurring in our very lifetimes is the unprescendented ‘Shift of the Ages’ as foretold by our anscestors.

From homo-sapian to homo-universalis as Barbara Marx Hubbard has coined the term. We are moving through a crysallis period of our transformation from the catipillar to the butterfly. Accessing a multi-dimensional sensory awareness through our integration of all aspects of our multi-dimensional selves. A ‘coming home’ for the love/bliss of a ‘Golden Age’ and our true expression of pure ‘Self’.


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Refer to the book,  ‘Keys of Enoch’ by JJ. Hurtak for further revelation. (Verse 3:4:1)